Skeleton Hand Hair Clip

Here’s an easy but spooky hair clip for Halloween. Put these skeleton hands in your hair and they are sure to get some reactionsskeleton-hand-hair-clips at school or in the office. Order the Skeleton Hand Halloween Hair Clips here.


Harley Quinn Costume

14440609_10157464991005357_2477418230079307561_nDr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn, is one of the most recognizable and famous villains of Batman. In the DC Comics, she’s a psychiatrist who worked where her psychotic boyfriend the Joker was imprisoned.She’s had many different Harley Quinn costumes in her DC comic life. Where some of them are portrayed below. You can take any of her suits out from here and wear it on your cosplay day or for Halloween parties.

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Arkham Knight
Arkham City
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You Would Never Believe These Things Are Actually Cakes!

snake cakeBe ready to be thoroughly amazed with these cakes that are carefully crafted masterpieces. They include a McDonald’s Big Mac replica, Turkey, pets, otters, snakes, dragons, and more all edibles. Yes, you can eat a puppy.. cake. But watch out for that yellow snake cake. That looks like it could bite.

pirate cake

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Halloween Gif Countdown

tumblr_mstsb7mg5y1ssqam8o1_500vampire halloween gif

dancing skeletons