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Costume Ideas from Jurrassic World

Triceratops costumeThe Dinosaurs In “Jurassic World” may lead to some great costume ideas this year such as the Mosasaurus, Triceratops, and Velociraptors. You might say it is impossible because they are all so big but why not? Be the life of the party!

The Gallimimus is always running so make sure to have lots of energy to be this creature. Stegosaurus does some hanging out by the river in the movie Jurassic World which is more about carnage not herbivore such as this fellow. Stegosaurus armatus, meaning “armored roof lizard” is great for those of your vegans or vegetarians.
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Mobile Game Turns Your House Into A Horror Movie

NightmareterrorappvideogameNight Terrors is a game that puts ghosts into your home in a virtual manner that is way too real. You may have nightmares forever if you use this game and imagine the kids ever sleeping again or if they are randomly screaming from playing the game. These are horrors you will find from movies but in the private hell of your own dwelling.

Currently on Indiegogo the game app is for people who do not mind giving their private home information to the developers and letting the ghosts come in to haunt. You get to do things such as take a video of your child’s bedroom door or outside on the porch and see a ghost smiling back at them. You might just forget about the boogey man after using this app and chuckie will seem like a barbie doll after you see demons in your home.

The app uses your phone camera to make a map of your entire home and then uses augmented reality to place ghosts and demons in your house and can scan things like art on your walls, so it can push the objects around and even drop them which is really scary. It may seem like a normal game until you see your personal stuff floating around the home on this game. That is when it gets frightening.
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11 Photos To Make You Believe In Ghosts

For sure do not look at these before bedtime and if you aren’t scared of ghosts you may be after seeing these. If you see any ghosts after viewing this then be sure to take a selfie with them and post it on our Facebook page. Comment below if you are able to sleep after seeing this!!

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