Top 10 Girls Costumes for 2010

<PLEASE SHARE! Top 10 lists are a big hit, and I will be working one up for every category! Tonights list that I put together for you guys is the Top 10 Girls Halloween Costumes for 2010, this list is primarily for the younger kids, I will be putting together a teen list very soon! Check them out below, and pass this around to anyone you know that may find it useful. Hours of research goes into these posts that I make to provide the best lists possible!

10. My Little Pony Costume

All of you 80’s kids out there will remember My Little Pony, and over the past few years it has started to resurface and make a come back. This year there is even a cute little Purple Pony costume that we couldn’t get over how adorable it was. This costume starts the list at number 10.

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9. Devil Darling Costume

There are always a few devil costumes that come on the market, usually for boys or for adult women that would be way to racy for a child to wear. This year we found a girls devil costume that was cute, tasteful and appropriate enough for a girl to wear.

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8. Avatar Neytiri Girls Costume

Avatar was not only a HUGE Blockbuster in 2010, it was one of the biggest movies ever made! It will be no surprise when your little one asks for a Neytiri costume for Halloween this year. The huge success of the move makes this costume an obvious choice for number 8!

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7. Gothic Rag Doll Costume

This costume is super cute, we kinda wish they would have named it something a little different as the black and white can be more than just gothic which sounds kinda negative. Another idea for this costume if you don’t want the rag doll look, is throw on a witches hat and it would make for a super cute witch!

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6. Mad Hatter Girl Costume

Another big movie this year was Alice in Wonderland which is also a long time favorite of children everywhere. This Mad Hatter Girls costume was just too cute to pass up adding to the top 10 list. It takes its style from Tim Burton’s adaptation of the movie giving the character a more modern look.

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5. Hocus Pocus Witch Costume

Year after year costume companies keep making new witch costumes, without fail, each year they get cuter and cuter! This Hocus Pocus Witch Costume is new for this year and is absolutely adorable! The Green and purple go great together and the whole costume is just nice.

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4. Fluttery Butterfly Costume

This costume here has all girl written on it. For the girly-girl in your family this is one she is going to love. It is pink and purple features a ballerina tutu, cute butterfly wings and a head band antenna! It has everything your little princess would want in a costume.

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3. Petite Pirate Girls Costume

The pirate costumes always have a similar problem as the devil costumes. They usually come out for boys, or are a little too racy. This year the Petite Pirate solves those problems and now the girl in your family can dress up as a pirate looking cute as can be, and still feminine.

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2. Gypsy Princess Costume

This is a costume we haven’t seen done very well in the past. Usually they try to make a Gypsy with some god awful golds and pinks that never look all that great, this year we get one with blues that is bold, bright and very colorful. The amazing look of this costume puts it at number 2.

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1. Rockin Out Witch Costume

Another witch to make our list this year, and this one is taking then Number 1 spot! It is a cute black dress with pink and green accents on it. The hat is small and adorable as well. This costume could also be used without the hate, say a nice little head band and it would make a cute 20’s saloon girl!

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