Top 10 Female Costumes

<PLEASE SHARE! Time to get on to the top 10 list of adult costumes! My favorite part of Halloween is dressing up, and doing it as an adult seems to be more fun than I had as a child! Mostly because I get to spend my own money and set my own budget on things, which I admit, sometimes I do get out of hand with that! Check out the top 10 adult female costumes below!

10. Magical Lady Costume

This costume is an excellent take on the traditional witch costume. It offers sexiness without revealing too much and the colors as well as additional detail on the hat make this one of the most popular costumes of the year.

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9. Alpine Wench Costume

Step back in time with this beautiful wench costume. While not in the current era, you could wear this costume say if you wanted to go out on Halloween as one of Tiger Wood’s mistresses set 100 years ago! Okay, I couldn’t resist that one.

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8. Lady Gangster Costume

This costume is sexy while completely covering your body! This could be paired up well with a partner, with both of you going as gangsters, a la Bonnie and Clyde perhaps? A few adjustments to this costume and you could be Britney Spears from her Womanizer video!

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7. Miss Scarecrow Costume

This is a cute little country outfit, you could use it to go as a scarecrow, or you could just use the dress and the hat to go as a country girl. For all of you ladies out there playing Farmville, this is a perfect costume for you guys to pick up for this holiday season!

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6. Avatar Neytiri Costume

Avatar was the biggest movie of all time. Makes sense that the Avatar costume are not only doing very well this year, but they are one of the top selling costumes of the year, which makes it only logical for Neytiri to make it on the top 10 list!

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5. Lady Gaga Costume

This costume is actually called the CSI Costume, but lets be real, it looks just like Lady Gaga’s outfit in her Telephone Video. Throw in some coke cans, carry around a telephone, and you have an awesome Lady Gaga outfit!

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4. Private Pinup Costume

This costume is cute and is for sure one of the sexiest costumes of the year. We get lots of requests for sexy halloween costumes and ladies, here you go! You will be the belle of the halloween ball wearing this sexy outfit.

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3. Sultry Pirate Costume

This Sultry Swashbuckler is one of the best pirate costumes for females ever made. It covers almost everything but still manages to look sexy as well as feminine. Argggghh, get your pirate on matey, and check out this hot costume!

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2. Bride of Frankenstein Costume

This costume is simply amazing looking, the quality and craftsmanship that went into it is incredible. If you are hosting a Halloween party this year, this costume would be perfect as everyone will know exactly who the queen of the house is!

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1. Tea Party Alice Costume

Alice in Wonderland was a mega hit, and the movie had incredible costumes. It makes sense that there would be many variations of each character, and this sexy Alice costume from the movie comes in as our NUMBER 1 costume of 2010 for women!

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