Mobile Game Turns Your House Into A Horror Movie

NightmareterrorappvideogameNight Terrors is a game that puts ghosts into your home in a virtual manner that is way too real. You may have nightmares forever if you use this game and imagine the kids ever sleeping again or if they are randomly screaming from playing the game. These are horrors you will find from movies but in the private hell of your own dwelling.

Currently on Indiegogo the game app is for people who do not mind giving their private home information to the developers and letting the ghosts come in to haunt. You get to do things such as take a video of your child’s bedroom door or outside on the porch and see a ghost smiling back at them. You might just forget about the boogey man after using this app and chuckie will seem like a barbie doll after you see demons in your home.

The app uses your phone camera to make a map of your entire home and then uses augmented reality to place ghosts and demons in your house and can scan things like art on your walls, so it can push the objects around and even drop them which is really scary. It may seem like a normal game until you see your personal stuff floating around the home on this game. That is when it gets frightening.

Gameplay is deceptively simple. You only have to do two things.
1) Save the girl.
2) Survive.
Figuring out how you’ll do that is the real challenge.
Hint: It doesn’t involve sitting on your couch.

The game allows any of the developers with a free layout of your house so it may be a serious privacy issue which will make some uncomfortable which could be the true terror about this app. Then again you can normally look up the layout of someones home online but if a potential thieves can hack into your wifi and find out you’re a high roller and decide to break in because they see your 4K TV being moved around by ghosts or that gold Apple Watch you have sitting on the dresser being worn by a haunted spirit they may want to brave the ghouls and take your belongings.

See more of the video about the game here:

The game is still in development and being funded funding but you can preorder it via Indiegogo.