Costume Ideas from Jurrassic World

Triceratops costumeThe Dinosaurs In “Jurassic World” may lead to some great costume ideas this year such as the Mosasaurus, Triceratops, and Velociraptors. You might say it is impossible because they are all so big but why not? Be the life of the party!

The Gallimimus is always running so make sure to have lots of energy to be this creature. Stegosaurus does some hanging out by the river in the movie Jurassic World which is more about carnage not herbivore such as this fellow. Stegosaurus armatus, meaning “armored roof lizard” is great for those of your vegans or vegetarians.

Apatosaurus who is wounded in the movie gets a close-up making us think that dinosaurs have feelings too. Which is why we could totally see this one hitting the streets for a night out. The heavily armored Ankylosaurus does get a sequence using a club tail to rocket the kids around like some giant. Just be careful wearing this one to a party.

Indominus Rex was created to be scary being larger than the T. rex and kills for the fun of it. This creature can use colors to camouflage herself, and has other secrets in store. The scene everyone talked about in which the Pteranodons and the Dimorphodon get out and descend on the tourists waiting to be evacuated in the park’s Main Street, USA where a guy who insists on taking his Margarita’s with him while fleeing the flying dinos… this would be great for a group with One guy holding margaritas and the surrounding dinosaurs. Best for a block party or Halloween Parade.

Velociraptors costumeOh, and the baby Triceratops that are available for rides in the petting zoo. So cute, right?

Velociraptors the raptors that are strategic and fast, and their birdlike movements are spooky as hell. And unlike the other dinos, they have personality.

Mosasauraus who is a new dino and has the ability to chomp on a shark would be hard to do but fun to put together… not as boring as Jaws.

But of course the daddy of them all or the king or the queen as you call her the Tyrannosaurus rex. Who would not want to be the almighty T-Rex?