#Trumpkins to Make Halloween Scary Again

trumpkin-pumpkinThis political season is getting more horrifying by each hour that leads up to the election and what you see on front porches may be even more horrifying. The most popular pumpkin carvings so far have been “Trumpkins” which are supposed to be be YUGE for this Halloween.

It’s just perfect for Donald Trump because he’s orange and Pumpkins are orange so it’s a no-brainer. See more pumpkin carving ideas and a carving kit here.





Just add a blond wig and complete your orange pumpkin as Trumpkin.



Were not sure if this is one-eyed Trump or someone saying making the reference to him being a “a–hole”

Can you imagine a Halloween party with a walkway with Pumpkins that have blond wigs all the way to the porch? This could be the easiest pumpkin carving yet!