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Casey Anthony Mask

At Halloween time, everyone wants a fun and unique costume. During this time, many people are throwing parties and attending festivities. Often, there are costume contests too. Having a good costume can make you the life of the party and can help you to win awesome prizes. No one wants to have a boring or lame costume. Everyone is tired of witches, ghosts, and Scream killers. A good idea for this upcoming Halloween season is to dress as Casey Anthony. Finding clothes for this costume is easy; it is the mask that is harder to get a hold of.

If you do decide to dress up as Casey Anthony, you will need to be prepared for others to be offended by your costume choice. Since she is thought to be guilty, by many people, for killing her daughter, this is a risky costume to wear. Some people will find it funny, while others may not. You should be ready to explain your choice of costume to those who may question your taste.

The first part of the costume you’ll need is the clothes. You want the costume to look as authentic as possible. Thrift shops are a popular place to find Halloween costumes. For a Casey Anthony look, you will need to dress as white trash as possible. You could wear a skimpy tank top with your bra showing and denim cut-offs. Or, you could wear something that resembles an American flag like she once did. There are many photos of her in this attire online.

If you don’t naturally have dark brown hair then you will need to either dye your hair or buy a wig. You can buy or rent a wig from either a party store or a costume shop. If you chose to dye your hair, make sure to use dye that isn’t permanent. Make sure not to skip this step because it is a crucial part to the look of this costume.

The next thing you will need to buy is a Casey Anthony mask. These are somewhat hard to find, but if you look around, one can be found. You also need to be willing to spend a lot of money because the masks are expensive. The best place to look for a mask is on The auction website has several masks up for bid ranging from $10-$500. Since there is such a range for prices, it is best to do some research before buying one or placing a bid.

In addition to the items mentioned above, you can also add accessories to the costume. One idea is to carry a roll of duct tape with you. This will add to the overall look of the costume. Another idea is to carry a suitcase because her daughter was found in one. This might be taking the costume too far, but it would be a good idea if you are entering a costume contest. Make sure to get all of the details right and you will have the best costume at Halloween.

To be honest a Nancy Grace mask would probably scare the neighborhood kids more than Casey Anthony. A fun group dress-up would be for one person to wear Grace and the other to wear the accused mother.


Halloween 2011 Costumes

Halloween is coming up in just a few months and people have already begun brainstorming for costume ideas. If you are having trouble coming up with an idea for your costume, here are some ideas of what is expected to be popular Halloween costumes for 2011. However, if you are planning to wear any of these costumes, you should try to put your own spin on these ideas. This will help avoid causing a faux pas when you arrive at a party in the same costume as another guest or, even worse, the host.

Remember last year was all about Lady Gaga. She should have made a commission from some of the look-a-likes they had of her in bubble dresses and such. This year you will see many Amy Winehouse wigs and probably too many Casey Anthony’s and probably a lot of Captain America.

1. Casey Anthony – The sensational trial of the mother acquitted of the murder charge against her infant daughter has caused quite a storm of media attention. While dressing up like Casey Anthony may seem like something that is in poor taste, latex masks made in her likeness are already snatching high prices on eBay. A latex mask is obviously not necessary for this costume, but you may want to accessorize by carrying a baby doll with a roll of duct tape and a garbage bag. Of course, it is always best to use discretion when choosing a controversial costume like this. A Casey Anthony costume may be a hit at a college party or bar, but at a family Halloween party, you might offend your friends and relatives, especially those who are parents.

2. Captain America – Marvel Comics’ patriotic superhero saw a big screen adaptation and became one of the biggest blockbusters of Summer 2011. The character will also be a very likely candidate for Halloween costumes this year. Fans of the movie can make a costume that resembles the one actor Chris Evans wore in the film, though comic book fans might appreciate the traditional style of the character.

3. Thor – Another Marvel Comics character to get a movie adaptation this summer was Thor, a character who is a part of The Avengers team along with Captain America. Because a movie based on all of The Avengers characters is set to be released next year, there is plenty of anticipation. Expect to see plenty of Thors walking around this Halloween. Fortunately, the costume for Thor in the movie did not differ from the comic book character much, so it should be very easy to recreate, regardless of what source you are planning to use.

4. Harry Potter characters – With the final Harry Potter film hitting theaters this summer, fans of the series will likely be dressing like the title character, as well as the other characters from the series. There are plenty of options available from the Harry Potter franchise and due to the popularity of the characters throughout the past decade, it should be very easy to find a costume.

5. Vampires and Werewolves – The old Halloween standards of vampires and werewolves have become increasingly attractive thanks to the “Twilight” movies and TV shows like “True Blood” and “The Vampire Diaries.” However, if you are trying to emulate these modern vampires and werewolves, you will want to avoid the old fashioned look of the creatures. Instead, go for the chic and fashionable style presented by the vampires in “Twilight,” though werewolves still retain their standard look.

6. Pirates – Johnny Depp returned to his beloved role as Captain Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tide” and every year that a “Pirates” movie hits theaters, pirate costumes are seen all over the place on Halloween. Expect to see pirate costumes of all sexes and styles walking the street this Halloween, but hope they don’t make you walk the plank!

7. Ballerinas – This may sound like an odd choice, but Natalie Portman’s character from the Academy Award winning film “Black Swan” has been drawing plenty of inspiration for women’s costumes. A standard ballerina costume can be used for this costume along with the distinctive makeup seen in the film as well as on the poster. A neat way to spice up this costume would be to add the black swan wings that Portman’s character is seen wearing in the film’s fantasy sequences.

8. Jersey Shore cast members – MTV’s popular reality show has been a hit for Halloween costumes since its debut, so expect to see plenty of Snooki costumes for girls and men dressed as Pauly D and The Situation. The Situation may not be too hard this year since all you have to do is wear Abercrombie or look on Ebay for one of the Fitchuation shirts that were sold and wear that with A&F sweat pants.

9. Lady Gaga – The pop superstar’s elaborate costumes are great material for costume ideas, so expect to see many Gaga clones on Halloween.